It is my privilege to welcome you to my website! As a spiritual medium and intuitive counselor, I have dedicated over fifteen years of my young adult years developing my psychic mediumship abilities based on my fascination of spirit communication & skepticism alone. Today, it is an honor to be recognized as one of the most accredited psychic mediums in the country.

Once a skeptic myself, I understand that the most important thing when looking to book a reading with a psychic or spiritual medium is to know with certainty that they are credible and trustworthy. And with so many people claiming to have psychic abilities, it is reasonable to question their legitimacy.

Because reputation, evidential messages, and genuine authenticity are what differentiate a purposeful reading with an Intuitive Psychic Medium, I believe it is my moral obligation to provide as much evidence as possible acting as a conduit to the afterlife.

A private session is not merely about spirit communication, and intuitive guidance; it is what many have called an experience of a lifetime.

“Connecting You with Your Loved Ones in the Spirit World.”

Saturday, June 19th - “An Evening with Spirit” Riverside, CA

A.J. has served as a bridge between the physical world and with those who are crossed over to the Other Side. When working with spirit, A.J. has captivated thousands of clients and audience members with his down-to-earth style, along with his stunning accuracy in his ability to convey messages from the spirit world.