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Los Angeles Psychic Medium & Intuitive Counselor A.J. Barrera™ has steadily risen to become one of the most accredited & leading Psychic Mediums in the industry today. Not only is A.J. a professional psychic medium, but he is also a certified profiler (psychic detective), where he works with numerous families and or law enforcement agencies, giving insight on missing loved ones whereabouts. A.J. also travels frequently to Orange County, San Diego, Riverside & Las Vegas conducting large & small audience events.

A.J.’s stunning accuracy has made him a favorite in studio guest on such shows as, Amber Rose Presents: Risque, Straight Talk with Ross Mathews, Glo All In (GloZell Green), The Grace Helbig Show on E!, Life with La Toya (OWN),* *The Ricki Lake Show**, **The Today Show, Access Hollywood, E! News, CBS New, Fox News, CNN Espanol, 97.1 FM with Carson Daly, and I Love Jenni (Jenni Rivera), to name a few. Psychic Medium, A.J. Barrera, has also been Los Angeles & Miami’s resident, radio. medium on KOST 103.5, KBIG 104.3 (MYFM), Latino 96.3 (now La Mega 96.3) & Cristina Radio Network. Now, you can catch A.J. as the resident Psychic Medium on “El Show Del Mandril” on Radio Centro’s 93.3 in Los Angeles, which can also be heard on iheart radio & on 40 plus radio stations across the U.S. Not to mention, A.J. has also been a featured Psychic Medium, Metaphysical & Paranormal Expert at several Hollywood movie premiers such as, “Here After”* starring Matt Damon & Clint Eastwood, The Raven, starring John Cusack, Women In Black starring Daniel Radcliffe and Final Destination 5 starring Nicholas D’Agosto, Emma Bell & Arlen Escarpet.

In 2015 & 2016, A.J. hosted his own podcast, Breakthrough with A.J. Barrera, which can be found & downloaded for free on iTunes. A.J. Barrera is also included in, “100 Top Psychics & Astrologers In America” (2014), where it includes some of most respected intuitves around the world, listing A.J. as fifth in book.

Over the course of fifteen years, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Counselor A.J. Barrera™ has continued to help thousands of individuals worldwide by sharing with them his experience of what is beyond by way, giving a means of communicating with spirit and how they too, can connect with their loved ones . . . after all, they are just a thought away. A.J. Barrera has mastered the ability to deliver direct communication for loved ones that are “here in spirit” but on “the other side”, with breathtaking accuracy. He continues to gain admirers for his specifically skilled approach in translating his own unique frame of references channeled to him through spirit to help validate information such as dates, names, certain events, etc.

Psychic Medium & Intuitive Counselor A.J. Barrera™ is highly respected for his ability to help others understand death, cope with grief, realize their life goals, give them a new perspective in life, and ultimately gives them the closure needed to be able to let and release lifelong mental and physical blockages. In 2011, A.J. Barrera, Mexican-American, was cast as the star of the award nominated (2012), hit television series From Beyond which premiered on Sunday July 31st on NBC/Universal’s mun2 network. From Beyond, (Season 1) a 13-episode docu-reality television series highlighting true stories within the Latino community, who claimed they have experienced what many others may call ‘paranormal.’


A.J.’s mission on From Beyond, was not to scare or make the audience fear ‘ghosts’ or ‘spirits,’ rather, bring awareness of metaphysics and to demonstrate that the soul still survives after death by documenting spiritual activity. By, documenting the paranormal, A.J. and the From Beyond *team were able to bring spiritual insight, healing, validation and an educational twist for the younger generation. With A.J.’s practical and easy-going attitude, he earned a vast and largely loyal following. In 2011, A.J. Barrera was also contributing monthly numerology columns for Latina Magazine, for each monthly in-print issue, as well as www.latina.com giving readers celebrity insight , information about your perfect match through numbers, predictions and guidance for the months of January 2011 – January 2012.

At the start of his career, A.J. Barrera gained rapid popularity for his astounding accuracy and ability to provide vivid validations through spirit communication. And at age 19, A.J. made his first debut on a Los Angeles radio show called Angels in Waiting on KOST 103.5; a show that connects callers with their loved ones who are now in the spirit world. A.J.’s first radio appearance was all it took before he was a regular guest on both Angels in Waiting and Radio Medium featured on KBIG 104.3. A.J. Barrera has connected countless families from all around the world and has become largely sought after in the entertainment industry; doing readings for well-known musicians, singers, actors and actresses. Due to his amazing credibility and reputation, the media coined him as The Medium to the Rock Stars and Celebrity Psychic Medium. Being Psychic Medium in the industry has caused both skepticism and wonder. Now at age 34, A.J is inevitably prepared to answer the one question people are so fascinated to understand; “When did you discover your psychic abilities?” It all began when A.J. Barrera was in the sixth grade. Seeing psychics and fortune tellers on TV caused both disbelief and curiosity. Soon he found himself practicing with a deck of Tarot Cards, determined to prove (to himself and others) that so-called “psychics and mediums” cannot possibly connect to the Other Side. On the contrary, he discovered an interpretation of his own for each tarot card he studied.

Once A.J. realized he had a unique ability to identify with the tarot, he began using them to describe personal information of fellow peers, as well as predictions of future events. His journey took an even greater turn in high school when his teacher Ellen Marron, a medium herself, noticed his gift and quickly became his mentor. Marron took A.J. underneath her wing and continued to help guide him in his journey of understanding, as well as help him to appreciate his abilities. Once A.J. began assisting others with guidance; he naturally began to develop his abilities on his own; finally understanding what he had been tapping into for so long. A.J. Barrera’s journey has not only aided in his own self -discovery, but has continuously helped others with a simple realization:


Connecting you with your loved ones in spirit.


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