Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a psychic and a medium?

The difference between a Psychic and a Medium is that a psychic basically tunes into a persons energy field or objects sensing elements of their past, present and future. A Medium is like being the “middleman” acting like a mouth piece for spirit, where information is being channeled. The Medium has one foot in the physical world and the other foot on the “Other Side” allowing them to speed up their energy while, our loved ones have to lower their vibration to make a connection.

Is there anything specific that you do before you communicate with a clients loved one? Do you ask them questions?

When I speak with a client over the phone or in person, I always meditate to protect and ground myself. When I am with a client my main goal is to give the client the full experience of a reading preferring not to ask prior questions.

How long should a person wait to make a connection with a loved one in the after life?

I personally believe that a person should wait a minimum of time, to allow the grieving process of a loved one to take place; rather than jump from medium to medium searching for a way to heal their loss. I call that the “band-aid” affect where the person has not fully gone through the process of expressing their emotions and anguish; consequently masking (fixing) their emotions temporarily.

Does spirit come through in different languages? Will there be a language barrier?

Doing this work professionally, I’ve quickly learned that language barriers do not exist in spirit communication. It doesn’t matter what language your loved ones spoke here on this physical plane – because the Other Side has what is called “The Universal Language.” Meaning I channel and communicate through symbols and senses such as feelings & smells.

Can anyone communicate with the "Other Side"?

What I’ve learned being a professional psychic medium is that “All Mediums are Psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.” I do believe we all have the ability to connect with energy, but I feel its how you choose to connect with that energy on the mediumship aspects.

Does spirit ever describe what the "Other Side" looks like?

Energies on the Other Side have yet to describe the details of what is beyond. My take is the there are two reasons why this may be: One, they have no urge to express what it is like on the Other Side because they have other ways to validate their existence. Two, individually, we tend to create our own interpretation of the afterlife. For example, what you would describe as “Heaven and Hell” may be entirely different than others perspective. Its all about perception and “your Other side” can look like anything you choose.

What the most rewarding part of your work as a psychic medium and what do you wish clients, listeners, and audience members will walk away with?

When I am working with people, my main point is to give awareness that the soul still survives after death and that we should not fear of the unknown. I like to plant “seeds” where people walk away with that “ah-ha moment” where they start to realize maybe there is something more out there. Or moments where people ask their self, if this isn’t real… than how did my loved ones know specific occurrences that took place after their passing (i.e. wedding, new birth of a baby, etc). The astounding validations that come through in a reading have often have been described as an event that has changed people’s lives.