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WATCH Los Angeles Psychic Medium & Intuitive Counselor A.J. Barrera on "Life with La Toya" on OWN: With many questions surrounding Michael Jackson's death, La Toya Jackson heads to see a psychic medium for some answers. Wearing a disguies and altering her voice to hide her identity, La Toya receives several unexpected messages from her deceased brother in the after life.

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listen"Breakthrough" podcast can be heard on itunes, Google Play or at, which features guest experts in the self-help field , metaphysical field & celebrity interviews, such as, Spiritual Medium Rebecca Rosen (star of the hit tv series, The Last Goodybe on LMN), Monica Ten-Kate (star of the hit tv series of 'Monica The Medium" on ABC Family), Trance Medium Suzane Northrop, Psychic Medium John Holland, Psychic Medium Lisa Williams, Astrologer David "The Leo King" Palmer, Psychic Medium Austyn Wells, Spiritual Medium Robert Brown, and so many others!

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listenFrom radio listeners, TV viewers and are just a few of many positive things people are saying about their reading experience with Los Angeles Psychic Medium A.J. here to read more!

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